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This is the spot to be in order to watch all the Metaverse U talks live as they happen. Check the Agenda for the timings and bear in mind that we are on Pacific Standard Time. Should you be unable to be here for the live portion then we plan to post all the videos to the web over the coming months. Enjoy :) 


You can also choose to watch the stream from this url:

Digital Logistics

A quick little update:

  • I am happy to reconfirm that you will be able to watch a live stream of all the Metaverse U talks. It is going to be web based and easy this time. Will update this blog with the details.
  • Secondly our conference tag is metaverseu (aka #metaverseu in twitterish :))

Only two days to go!

Agenda is live!

We are just about one week out on the conference and happy to report that things are coming together nicely. Being on the downslope of another hype curve we wanted to highlight what will feel is the most vibrant part of our space: The open parts of our virtual ecosystem. So our goal was to be bringing together some key people at the intersection of virtual worlds and open source. We feel that has worked out. As of writing nearly every spot on the Agenda has been filled so I wanted to give you a brief overview of what you will find on there.

We have a good selection of the open platforms represented. Some key speakers from this space are:

Other technologist that bears mentioning here are John Hurliman, Intel as well as Damon H, Web3D. We are in last minute talks with two other platform providers so keep your fingers crossed for further announcements. (Update: Just confirmed a talk from the team behind Google's O3D. as well as creater of COLLADA Remi Arnaud)
We strongly feel that the core technologies represent on side of the equation. The other half is the content side: The use cases and insights that serves to answer the question of why the technology matter. Some talks to look for are:
All in all we feel that this group of people should give a good sense of where the technologies are and maybe more importantly headed. So feel very free to join us.


Registration is open

A new link has appeared in the left hand side menu. We are now open for registration. The price is $50 for everyone. This buys you two full days of Metaverse U incl. meals and coffee which is pretty much what we spend on one person. The reason we reduced it to 10% of last year's cost is that we felt that anyone with input for the conversation should not be unable to attend because of registration cost. In these though economic times more than ever. It feels good and right to thank the sponsors who enabled us to make this choice and I intend to do this in a later post.

At last years Metaverse U we estimate that we had upwards of 400 people through over the two days. For this iteration we have booked a space with 150 spots so there is some chance that we could sell out. Bottom line is that if you know you want to be there then waiting until the last minute might not the best strategy :)

Save the Dates: May 29th and 30th 2009

I am very happy to announce that the next Metaverse U Conference also will take place at Stanford University. We have booked a great that holds about 150 people so we are aiming for something more focused for this second iteration of the conference.

The main purpose of this conference is to define a strategy for advancing open source platforms and explore their potential in a broad variety of contexts, including scientific research, education, private enterprise, and cultural programming. Our mission statement is as follows:

The Metaverse U conference will explore the cutting edge applications of virtual worlds and the open platforms that drive them.

We are using sponsorships to keep the cost of attendance down to $50 for two full days of conference. Should this present a barrier to anyone then let us know and we will figure it out. We also realize that not everyone who should be a part of this conversation has the opportunity to make it to Stanford so we plan to have a free live video stream for a remote audience.

We are in the process of building the agenda with speakers and topics. There is still lots of room for your input so please write us with any ideas you may have. For the right speaker we would also consider remote options.

We plan to open registration on April 15th.

Hope to see you there!

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