Building a time capsule

This weekend at Stanford a lot of interesting people will show up at Stanford to think about the metaverse. Some are scheduled to speak some are not. I would like to be this conversation as wide as possible and give a lot of members of our community at Stanford and beyond a chance to speak up as well. Imagine how cool it would be if a bunch of us spoke about how we see the metaverse right here right now and made a kind of time capsule out of this?

To this end I wold like you to record a video interview yourself and/or others about how you see the metaverse. Don't worry too much about the quality just make sure your voice can be heard. I suggest starting the video by introducing yourself and the answering these four little big questions:

  • What excites you about current metaverse technology?

  • What concerns you about current metaverse technology?

  • What will be most the surprising impact of metaverse technology on society within the next decade?

  • What barriers will metaverse technology never overcome?

Here at Stanford I will have volunteers putting people in front of cameras and asking these questions over this weekend. If you want to make your own videos then you should feel free to use these source images with the questions. If you want to take your statement in a whole other direction then feel free to do so. To bring all this media together I have setup an open YouTube group that anyone can add video to. You can find the group at:

Please join in!


Corys thoughts on this

Just noticed that Cory has put his responses on his blog:

I have just looked through some of the videos that we shot over the 3 days and there is some good stuff in there. I am really looking forward to getting them on the web.